October 9, 2006

what the frak ?!

catherine @ 2:26 pm

Ok, so it is incredibly nerdy of me to be blogging about BattleStar Galactica but as I often say, I was a nerd before it was cool.

Anyway, I spent too much time this afternoon checking out what the word on the Net is and so far, everything I have read is very positive. So of course, I have to step a little to the side on this one and say, euh, yeah, ok, I guess but…

I watched it Saturday on Space channel and to be fair, I may have been anticipating it a little too much. So, in an effort to be objective, I watched it again yesterday (Space was re-airing it just in case someone out there did not get enough the first time) and I still felt the same way, which was basically like the show was trying to hit me over the head with a 50-ton baseball bat.

The two-hour season premier was dark, ultra-violent, depressing, disturbing and at times thoroughly disgusting. And of course it had to be, this is BSG after all, but wowee !, they crammed as much violence, insanity, treason, hopelessness and bodily harm as they possibly could into two hours (including commercials).

And I felt that they were really pushing the controversy element. Suicide bombings ? Sex-crazed priests ? Unlawful detention ? Torture ? Supposed beefcakes turned just plain beefy ? Gee, could you be any less subtle ?

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