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October 13, 2006

twinkle, twinkle little scar

catherine @ 8:44 am

Last year, a couple of days after I broke my hip, I was lying in my hospital bed on the orthopedics ward from hell, utterly stunned at my predicament. I could not believe I had broken my hip (and so totally at that) only a mere 7 or 8 months after I had started walking again. I was really freaked out about how this could happen but mostly about not knowing what was in store for me.

So being the closet optimist that I am, I tried to think of positive things to come away with from this whole experience. And damn it, I actually succeeded in coming up with 3 or 4 positive outcomes. Not that I am especially better than anyone else at looking on the bright side but there are things that happen out of nowhere that just have such an impact, they are life-changing really. Sometimes they are small things, tiny moments of joy or understanding or despair. Sometimes, they are big things, like breaking a hip. But whatever they turn out to be, they really do have the power to put a lot of things into perspective. For a brief moment, you can see clearly and the important things are revealed.

And so while I lay there in a trauma and morphine-induced daze, listening to the old lady I shared my room with snore like a bear, the incessant buzz of every single call-button on the ward relayed through the loudspeaker placed mercilessly right next to the door to my room, I considered the scar I would be left with and was hard-pressed to find anything positive about it. I have my fair share of battle scars so been there, done that but this one was quite impressive.

And then I had a thought.

In essence, why not adapt that “have a star named after you” scheme from some years back to “have a scar named after you”. Basically, people could buy a scar from me and this would entitle them to having it named after them (or their mother or whatever). Additionally, I would send them a photo of the scar and some biographical notes (like measurements, cause, any other additional relevant info). And of course, the bigger the scar or related trauma, the heftier the price.

This idea amused the hell out of me and every time I would think of it, I would cackle gleefully (which, believe me, was a welcomed relief from crying for hours that I wanted to go home).

Later, after things calmed down and all the morphine was out of my system, I related this idea to my friends and they basically thought it was nuts. They also knew me well enough to know I would never do anything like this. Well except one guy who thought it was brilliant, “after all, some people will buy just about anything”, and even proposed to help me set up an account on e-bay so I could have people bid on my scars.

Anyway, I was reminded again of this silly scheme when the nurse came by this week to remove the staples from my thigh. And although it is a bit harder this time around to find much good in how complicated breaking my hip actually turned out to be, this at least made me smile.

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