February 5, 2007

burning bridges

catherine @ 9:48 am

I hesitated a lot before finally deciding to post this because it feels kind of strange to blog about this subject. Actually, I find the whole blogging thing rather strange in general but I guess that is another story entirely. Blogging about the “Ashley Treatment” however seems even more bizarre because in a way, it feels like such a private matter. But of course, it stopped being a private matter a while ago and considering how important it is, I thought I would share my thoughts.

I imagine that by now most people are aware of the case of Ashley, a nine-year-old Seattle girl with significant physical and cognitive disabilities who underwent some rather unusual medical treatments that have merited her the nickname of “frozen girl”. High doses of estrogen, a hysterectomy and breast buds removal effectively freeze her in time in order to stunt her growth and to desexualise her (I specifically use the word “desexualise” as this goes far beyond sterilisation).

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