October 28, 2007

random update #5

catherine @ 1:23 am

I am tired. I have been quite busy with work and well, life and stuff and I guess I am getting old or something because I just do not seem to have the energy I used to.

I quite clearly remember a time when I could put in full 60-hour weeks and do all the other stuff life demands (you know, like be the good friend - faithful family member - relatively aware consumer - engaged citizen - multiple pet owner - unwavering advocate - life of the party - mostly on time bill payer - girlfriend, wife and/or lover - slash - all around modern woman and whatever the fuck else the situation called for). I could party all night, among other things, and show up for work early-ish the next morning and spend the next 10 or 12 hours or so putting out all the urgent existential fires that are a natural [unavoidable] part of working for community organisations plus be a decent, respectful and helpful, mostly pleasant, sometimes even bordering on awesome co-worker (depending on who you talk to, of course ;). Ok sure, once in a while I showed up a little scrappy, in need of a change of clothes or of a breakfast that would never come and yeah, occasionally PMS-ing or just plain pissed off about something or other but I showed up more than willing and able, my drive never faltering in the process, and I could start the whole thing up again the next day.

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October 25, 2007

new French list on Web accessibility/nouvelle liste francophone sur l’accessibilité du Web

catherine @ 11:39 pm

Accesstech, a new mailing list, has been launched today and subscriptions are now open.

This new space for discussions in French is open for all. It aims to be a forum on all questions related to the implementation of Web accessibility, namely concerning official standards and guidelines related to WCAG, RGAA (Référentiel Général d’Accessibilité pour les Administrations), etc., as well as concrete application cases (for example, video captioning).

We will be also discussing all related issues that concern accessibility, namely, evolution of mark-up languages and their impact in the field (for example, HTML5).

In short, it is a space for mutual help and understanding as well as technical intelligence on the issue of Web accessibility (the Charter is not limited to the aforementioned objectives, we are in the process of defining it).

This mailing list wishes to be complementary to the French list Accessiweb, which is a list that discusses more general matters related to Web accessibility, such as legislation, social developments, etc.

To subscribe to the Accesstech mailing list, please visit the subscription page and provide your e-mail address.

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October 13, 2007

same difference

catherine @ 7:00 pm

Thursday night, I attended a euh, I guess you could call it a gathering, organised by University of the Streets at the Santropol Roulant. The theme of the evening was “Beyond a handicap: Are you and I really that different?“. Michael alerted me to this event and I was curious so despite being dead tired after a very long day and just really looking forward to ripping off my prosthesis as soon as I could, I made my way to St-Urbain street and participated in my first “conversation” (that is what all the cool kids are calling it these days).

About a dozen people participated in the evening: from what I could tell, four or five persons with disabilities, including myself and the two guest speakers, and about eight individuals without disabilities who had for the most part some kind of relationship with people with disabilities, whether professionally or personally.

It was all very pleasant and polite, which I guess is a good thing for these types of things. And I appreciated my evening and left with the sentiment that it had been worthwhile to go. Plus it was really nice seeing Michael again. But… I also felt frustrated by a few things and hopefully I can explain why without coming off as arrogant or insensitive or just odd.

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