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January 27, 2008

random update #7

catherine @ 5:07 pm

I have not been posting these last few weeks because I do not have Internet access at home yet (long story). I have to say, going without has been quite euh, well, bizarre. On the one hand, it does not really bother me. I have been rather busy trying to get my new appartment organised (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say trying to get me organised in my new appartment) and I can always access my personal email accounts from work. And I have been doing a lot more reading which is always good.

On the other hand though, no Internet at home has also made me feel a bit frustrated and anxious, like there is a certain void in my life. So I have not been able to keep up with my favourite blogs or other Web stuff and since I do not own a television, I have not been able to download the few tv shows I like. And of course, I have had to curb my reflex for searching for just about any word that comes to mind. Which I guess is not really such a bad thing.

I saw Michael this week at an event organised by my employer and contrarily to every one else’s reaction to the news that I am sans Internet (typically along the lines of “OMFG!”, “Hein?!”, “T’es pas sérieuse!” or “you poor thing”) all he said, in true Michaelivian fashion, was “good”. Anyway, since I am presently at my ex-flatmate’s doing laundry (because a washer/dryer is another thing I am still without), I thought I would sign in briefly and give y’all a bit of news.

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January 3, 2008

a day in the life… and another and another and another…

catherine @ 9:30 pm

Some guy called Jonathan Keller from Motor City has been photographing his face every day for the last eight years and posting the photos on line. It is a strangely fascinating experiment if you are into that sort of thing and yet it is actually very ordinary somehow but for some reason I find his follow-through quite admirable.

He claims in the oft entertaining FAQ that the project will continue until the day he dies and that “only then will it be complete, and worth its true value”, though “unfortunately, [he] won’t ever see it finished”.

He has created a timelapse animation of the series called “Living my life faster” and it really is quite something to see though I must admit it almost triggered an odd epileptic seizure.

Aside from the hair (facial and otherwise), he has not changed much in the last eight years but I imagine that, if he can keep going (and, barring any unfortunate circumstances, I imagine he will), it will be kind of interesting to see the changes in the long term. Which I guess, or at least hope, is ultimately the point.

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