July 30, 2008

no captioning for deaf perverts and preschoolers

catherine @ 6:45 pm

I read this morning that Vidéotron has asked the CRTC for a change in the license for its illico video-on-demand system (via Fagstein). Vidéotron wants to exclude adult movies and programs for preschool children with regards to the requirement of closed-captioning 90% of all programming during the broadcast day.

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July 29, 2008

OpenStreetMap Montréal

catherine @ 1:10 pm

Nicolas Marchildon is organising an OpenStreetMap event in Montréal this coming September. More info on his blog.

Nicolas Marchildon organise un événement OpenStreetMap à Montréal en septembre prochain. Plus d’info sur son blogue.

July 23, 2008

good people and bad people (and their dogs)

catherine @ 5:35 pm

Yesterday, I lost my wallet. Worse, I was not even aware that I had lost it until someone from my former employer’s office called me and informed me I had lost it after receiving a call from their alarm company who in turn had received a call from the person who had found my wallet (I sometimes use my former employer’s conference room so I have the number of the alarm company in my wallet).

I quickly got in touch with the woman who had found the wallet and it turns out she works in an architects firm close to my workplace and I was able to retrieve it a couple of hours later, and with everything intact, I am relieved to report. So a lot of grief and aggravation avoided by the kindness of a woman who, it should be noted, refused any reward, saying instead that the only thing I could do for her was to pay it forward if I got the chance.

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