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September 13, 2011

rions un peu

catherine @ 9:40 pm

Suggestion de listes

  • Histoires pour rire
  • Les films qui m’ont fait le plus rire
  • Les situations qui m’ont fait le plus rire
  • Les personnes avec lesquelles je ris le mieux
  • Des traits d’humour que j’apprécie
  • Des idées pour « dérider » mon entourage

– « L’art des listes » (2007), page 177, Dominique Loreau, Éditions Marabout

September 10, 2011

the never-ending saga finally ends

catherine @ 8:14 pm
a photo of my hip x-ray a photo by zaziepoo on Flickr.

Well, it will never be completely over. I mean, when you have a titanium rod the whole length of your thigh, literally inside the bone, it changes things forever (not to mention making things kind of interesting at the airport). But I think, I hope, the worst is over.

This coming September 24th will mark the 2nd year anniversary of my breaking my hip. A second time. But the story really began on May 24th 2005 when I broke my hip the first time and embarked on a journey filled with pain, frustration, uncertainty, loss and personal and professional setbacks.

It was not all bad, though. Through all of it, I met a lot of cool people, had some great moments and even managed to hold my head above water and remain relevant in a highly competitive field.

But I am so glad it is over. And that not only am I finally healed but I actually came out of this physically more independent. I actually came out of this better. Better. Stronger. Faster (almost ;)

Certainly a few people contributed to that, namely my family and by best friend forever, Alain, not to mention Carole, my prosthetist.

But there is also one person who played a big role, who made it medically possible for me to walk again, drive a car, dance, run (albeit very slowly ;) and a whole bunch of other things I could hardly imagine 2 years ago. My orthopedist, Dr. Mario Giroux.

Dr. Giroux succeeded where two other orthopedists failed. And I suspect one of the biggest reasons for that success is because he actually gave a damn.

Thank you Dr. Giroux for making me better. Thank you for caring.

For a trip back in time, check out my visual logs on flickr (via my From The Hip collection as well as the hip tag) or my writings about the whole thing here on this old blog.

September 7, 2011

Dear WordPress Wranglers

catherine @ 1:01 am

I must admit, I am running this blog off an absurdly outdated version of WordPress (2.3.3). I know, I know but it is complicated. Anyway, the thing is I do not really care about updating if I do not have to; as long as it works, you know. But now, I would like to add photos and suddenly, it is even more complicated and, basically, does not work. I would appreciate a hack or something because apparently, updating now seems out of grasp. Please help* :)

*And yes, yes, I have used that line before but can you really blame me?

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