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October 20, 2011


catherine @ 9:36 pm
A photo of the x-ray of my left foot.
(…) may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.* a photo by zaziepoo on Flickr.

This morning I had an appointment with a new orthopedist, Dr. Stéphane Leduc, at Jean-Talon Hospital. This guy is specialised in feet and I was referred to him by the orthopedist who managed to fix my broken hip, Dr. Giroux (whom I wrote about with gratitude a little while ago). I was seeing Dr. Leduc about an ongoing and long-standing problem with my left foot, my ankle and my heel specifically. To make a long story short, I have a piece of bone or fibrocartilage callus protruding above my heel, as can be seen on the attached x-ray. This foot has been a mess forever. I broke it in three places when I was nine years old and considering this was in the mid seventies, it is a miracle I can walk as well as I do.

Anyway, the whole thing is rather painful and because of the protrusion, I get sores in that area on a regular basis because my shoes rub against the bump. Now to be clear, I am very limited by the types of shoes I can wear because of the condition of my foot and I wear very sensible shoes. The skin on my heel has gotten so thin over time that you can almost see through it, were it not for the huge red scar covering most of that area. The whole thing is therefore a rather serious risk of infection not mention a pain in the butt, what with having to stop walking every time I get a sore to give it time to heal. Considering the fact that my immune system is not perfect with all the health problems I have had, not to mention all the stress in my life in the last few years, plus my metal implants, a risk of infection is not to be taken lightly.

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October 15, 2011

le bonheur c’est aujourd’hui

catherine @ 9:49 pm

The scenery rushing by the train window.

Le bonheur est ici, partout il me suit…

Le bonheur c’est le soleil d’hiver sur des planchers frileux.
Et celui d’été dans mon jardin heureux.

Le bonheur c’est une soirée entre amis qui s’étire jusqu’au lendemain midi…
Les rires tard dans la nuit, et le café du matin devant des têtes encore endormies.

Le bonheur c’est une journée sans rien, un ciel sans fin…

Le bonheur c’est quand le coeur de ceux que j’aime est bien au chaud.
Le bonheur c’est la voix qui me rassure quand la vie en demande trop.

De demain je ne sais rien et d’hier, j’ai déjà tout oublié…
Le bonheur c’est aujourd’hui et une sieste l’après-midi !

Je vais courir chaque seconde et boire tout l’eau du désert.
Je vais parcourir le monde et gravir les peurs de mon père…

Je vais aimer jusqu’à m’abandonner et crier bras ouverts toutes les misères de la terre.
Je vais voir en moi jaillir avec émoi tous les désirs, et connaître les plaisirs des sentiers moins fréquentés…

Jamais je n’arrêterai de respirer mon aujourd’hui car inspirer c’est m’inspirer, et expirer c’est exprimer tous les bonheurs de ma vie.

- Denis Meunier

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