May 7, 2007


catherine @ 12:47 am

I watched the Amazing Race All-Stars finale tonight and I am pretty bummed out that Charla and Mirna did not come in first :( They totally deserved it. They worked so hard against such crazy odds. And they were hilarious. I am so proud of them, they rocked, but I am still bummed out they did not win. My only consolation is that at least those two blond girls did not win.

I am also kind of bummed out that the whole season was so great but the finish was such an anti-climax. I know I was probably just looking forward to it too much but whatever. And I was actually surprised that it did not last 2 hours. I mean, bang!, they went from one airplane to the next, some big shipwreck in Hawaii and bang!, finish line. Oh and that vault challenge. That was actually cool in an unexpected kind of way.

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