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l’azile » Battlestar Galactica

June 17, 2008

what the frak??!! (tri)

catherine @ 7:12 pm

Ok, so I am going to blog about BSG because, besides desperately needing to get my mind off [a lot of] other things, the latest episode was the best I have seen in a while and I can not believe they are going to make us wait until January 2009 for the rest of the frakking dénouement.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there was a writer’s strike and that everything was delayed and all, and believe me, I totally sympathise with the cause. I know these shows are quite a production and you can not just snap your fingers and voilà!

But six months?! Six months before we find out what happened to the 13th Colony, why Earth seems to be in the midst of long nuclear winter? Six months before we know who the hell the revered final fifth Cylon is? Six months before we know what the fuck happens to everybody?? I could go on and on, of course. But really. Six months??!!

November 24, 2007

what the frak ?! (bis)

catherine @ 8:42 pm

In a few minutes, I will be settling comfortably before the tv to watch the much hyped BSG prequel Razor (yes, I am a nerd but also hey, Steve Bacic! need I say more?). And I hope it is worth it because, as I found out tonight (what can I say, “late to the party” is my middle name), the last season of BSG will not start airing until April 2008! What?! Almost a full year after airing the last episode of season 3? Have they no compassion?

Update: Well, what can I say? A lot of stuff I liked, actually, most of it and a few things I did not like, namely the fact that they unceremoniously killed off Steve Bacic’s character in what?, the first half hour? Seems like a big waste of talent, not to mention eye-candy, to me.

Anyway, I am not going to write a long geeky review but I will mention a few things:

  • I liked the back-and-forth between the three time frames. I thought this made the pace more interesting and, despite what I have been reading in some of the reviews, it was not confusing at all. Use yor brain, people.
  • I love Michelle Forbes and although 87 minutes was really not enough time to get to know her character beyond what we already knew, we did get a few insights, like why she hated that cylon prisoner so much. I mean, wouldn’t you be beside yourself with rage if you found out that the super-babe you have been sleeping with is actually a toaster?
  • That girl playing fleet officer Kendra Shaw had a really nice accent.
  • I am really sick of reading these things where BSG is actually just an allegory for the Irak war. When I watch BSG, the war in Irak is the last thing on my mind. And besides, just in case y’all forgot, there are other conflicts going on all over the world.

So basically, this was a nice little interlude in the meantime but it definitely does not make up for the fact that it will be another five months before we see a new episode.

So say me all!

October 9, 2006

what the frak ?!

catherine @ 2:26 pm

Ok, so it is incredibly nerdy of me to be blogging about BattleStar Galactica but as I often say, I was a nerd before it was cool.

Anyway, I spent too much time this afternoon checking out what the word on the Net is and so far, everything I have read is very positive. So of course, I have to step a little to the side on this one and say, euh, yeah, ok, I guess but…

I watched it Saturday on Space channel and to be fair, I may have been anticipating it a little too much. So, in an effort to be objective, I watched it again yesterday (Space was re-airing it just in case someone out there did not get enough the first time) and I still felt the same way, which was basically like the show was trying to hit me over the head with a 50-ton baseball bat.

The two-hour season premier was dark, ultra-violent, depressing, disturbing and at times thoroughly disgusting. And of course it had to be, this is BSG after all, but wowee !, they crammed as much violence, insanity, treason, hopelessness and bodily harm as they possibly could into two hours (including commercials).

And I felt that they were really pushing the controversy element. Suicide bombings ? Sex-crazed priests ? Unlawful detention ? Torture ? Supposed beefcakes turned just plain beefy ? Gee, could you be any less subtle ?

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