October 10, 2006

Content delivered via HTML formatted e-mail

catherine @ 3:23 pm

A question came up this morning on the French accessibility mailing list hosted by AccessiWeb about e-mails using HTML format. This question stemmed from the person having received a newsletter in HTML format and reflecting on how inaccessible it could be given that it was basically a bunch of clickable images “sausaged” together with no textual equivalents for the text contained in these images.

In my experience, questions relating to accessibility of e-mail communication are rather rare but they do pop up every once in a while. And I have thought about this a bit over the years and poked around to find any resources or discussions on the subject of specific guidelines or techniques or well-identified policies. There is not a lot of easy-to-find material out there that addresses the topic of e-mail content accessibility though I have not done a full-on search in a good while (if you know of any, please send them along).

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