September 3, 2006

on a wing and a prayer

catherine @ 12:50 pm

I came across this article (edit: no longer available) the other day in the online edition of the Toronto Star about the impact of new flying restrictions on persons with disabilities. I kind of figured that this latest modern-day obsession would just make things even more complicated for those who already have to put up with more than enough weirdness and frustration when travelling.

I have not flown much; a few times to Los Angeles for the CSUN conference and twice last year to Winnipeg and Tunis for conferences related to the Word Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). These last two trips could not have been more different. When I flew to Winnipeg, I was walking with the help of an artificial leg. However, while travelling to Tunisia six months later, I ended up having to use my motorised wheelchair due to health problems.

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