September 10, 2007

guêpes de taille

catherine @ 6:11 pm

There are a lot of wasps in Montréal right now. Like A LOT. Like more than usual, or so it seems. Everyone has been buzzing about it. No seriously. The Gazette, Cyberpresse and others have noted that there sure seems to be a lot more wasps this summer and they certainly are very agressive. Of course, some say it is hard to really say if there are more. “No one sits around counting wasps, so there is no way of knowing if there are more this year than last,” according to Chris Buddle, a McGill University professor of entomology (source: the aformentioned Gazette article). I see his point but surely, I imagine that if everyone is complaining about it, there must be something to it and it might be worth looking into.

People who know me know how miserable I am about this. I have a general phobia about insects and those that bite or sting in particular. Over the years, I have learned to [kind of] deal with this [irrational?] fear but this year, that is rather hard to do when you can not step outside for a few seconds or drive with your car windows down, etc., without being harrassed by these things. Apparently, the Public Health Department and the McGill Health Center have not registered an increase in stings (source: the aformentioned Cyberpresse article). Well, I do not know about you but, after being stung by a bee or whatever, calling them to let them know would probably not be the first thing on my to-do list.

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