April 2, 2011

between the lines

catherine @ 9:48 pm

Update: Universal Subtitles now goes by the name of Amara. However, the links to the website contained in the following post are still functional. (2013/02/06)

A little while ago, I captioned a video at Universal Subtitles, an outreach video about reserved parking for people with disabilities (in French). The video calls people out on not respecting handicap parking spaces and dispells some myths (eek!, did I really say that?) about the real consequences of not considering why these things are the way they are.

And actually, I started this project before Christmas but got sidetracked and it took me several, euh, I was going to say weeks but I guess it is months… So anyway, it took me a few months to find time to do this. Because the truth is that you really need to set aside some time for this activity, however you want to categorize it. I mean, unless you are a professional captioner, this will take some time. Have I repeated that enough for you? Have I? Because this project took me several hours. I had to learn the system, revise the document and then had to actually hunker down and do the transcription, synchronization, revision, stressing out on details, etc.

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April 18, 2007

women imagery in advertising

catherine @ 7:06 am

Came across a very powerful video the other day (Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising’s Image of Women) at Back in skinny jeans and while it is stuff we have all heard before, a little reminder now and then will not kill us. The video can also be found at Google Video.

It is some 30 minutes long so make yourself comfortable. And although the speaker, Jean Kilbourne, describes many of the ads she talks about in her presentation, there is also a study guide for the video available at the Media Education Foundation that includes a synopsis that could be helpful for those who may have problems with a video format.

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