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November 24, 2006

the Semantic Web as yet another way for guys to misrepresent themselves

catherine @ 10:46 am

Actually, this is not what this article is about per se. It is really about explaining in an easy-to-understand way the merits of metadata to the music industry. But I have no doubt that the example used, basically about how some loser misrepresents himself on a first date and how metadata could be used to help this “hapless guy” perpetuate the lie of how much he has in common with some clueless chick, will do wonders for promoting the Semantic Web outside of very specialised circles.

[And yes, I really did use the word “chick”]

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October 31, 2006

EARL bilinguis

catherine @ 3:25 pm

My EARL for dummies article is now available in French. I had to adapt it somewhat, mainly lose the references to the television show as I suspect many francophones would have no clue what I was talking about. And I have decided to post it via my personal Web page because it is a real pain adding French content to this blog.

Happy Hallowe’en !

Mon article sur EARL pour les nuls est maintenant disponible en français. J’ai dû l’adapter un peu et plus particulièrement, retirer toutes les références concernant l’émission de télé car j’imagine que ça ne dirait pas grand-chose aux francophones. Aussi, j’ai décidé de le mettre en ligne via ma page Web personnelle car c’est vraiment chiant ajouter du contenu français à ce blogue.

Boo !

October 6, 2006

my name is EARL 1.0

catherine @ 6:43 pm

In the last year, I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking about the Semantic Web and the potential benefits in the area of Web accessibility. I like the idea of the Semantic Web; I like the idea that it seems so abstract but that when you look closer, it is the complete opposite. I also like the idea of the big picture it provides. And how it can actually make you believe that things make sense in the largely undiscovered country that is the World Wide Web.

I have to admit however that up until recently, I did not see much practicality in all this stuff. I remember when I first started exploring this field a couple of years ago. I felt like “wow, this is really cool but how useful can it be to me, to the stuff that matters to me.” At the time, it was not very clear. It just seemed like a bunch of W3C rock stars geeking off. And that “Semantic Web cake” they kept adding layers to did not help matters.

I think that more than anything, more than social networking and [geo]tagging or folksomies and promises of tools that can organise your schedule so you can go to the dentist and make your daughter’s soccer game, EARL is what really brought it home for me.

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