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January 3, 2008

a day in the life… and another and another and another…

catherine @ 9:30 pm

Some guy called Jonathan Keller from Motor City has been photographing his face every day for the last eight years and posting the photos on line. It is a strangely fascinating experiment if you are into that sort of thing and yet it is actually very ordinary somehow but for some reason I find his follow-through quite admirable.

He claims in the oft entertaining FAQ that the project will continue until the day he dies and that “only then will it be complete, and worth its true value”, though “unfortunately, [he] won’t ever see it finished”.

He has created a timelapse animation of the series called “Living my life faster” and it really is quite something to see though I must admit it almost triggered an odd epileptic seizure.

Aside from the hair (facial and otherwise), he has not changed much in the last eight years but I imagine that, if he can keep going (and, barring any unfortunate circumstances, I imagine he will), it will be kind of interesting to see the changes in the long term. Which I guess, or at least hope, is ultimately the point.

April 29, 2007

Jesus, the mini-musical

catherine @ 11:57 am

This short video, by Javier Prato, has been around for a few years but every once and a while, I need a fix. And it never fails to have me ROFLMAO. I have also learned that Javier is preparing a sequel called J.C. Returns “Jesus Christ! The Second Coming”. Can not wait to see it.

Warning: This video features explicit Jesus material, Hollywood and disco music. If you do not like that sort of thing, do not watch it.

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October 13, 2006

twinkle, twinkle little scar

catherine @ 8:44 am

Last year, a couple of days after I broke my hip, I was lying in my hospital bed on the orthopedics ward from hell, utterly stunned at my predicament. I could not believe I had broken my hip (and so totally at that) only a mere 7 or 8 months after I had started walking again. I was really freaked out about how this could happen but mostly about not knowing what was in store for me.

So being the closet optimist that I am, I tried to think of positive things to come away with from this whole experience. And damn it, I actually succeeded in coming up with 3 or 4 positive outcomes. Not that I am especially better than anyone else at looking on the bright side but there are things that happen out of nowhere that just have such an impact, they are life-changing really. Sometimes they are small things, tiny moments of joy or understanding or despair. Sometimes, they are big things, like breaking a hip. But whatever they turn out to be, they really do have the power to put a lot of things into perspective. For a brief moment, you can see clearly and the important things are revealed.

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