September 7, 2011

Dear WordPress Wranglers

catherine @ 1:01 am

I must admit, I am running this blog off an absurdly outdated version of WordPress (2.3.3). I know, I know but it is complicated. Anyway, the thing is I do not really care about updating if I do not have to; as long as it works, you know. But now, I would like to add photos and suddenly, it is even more complicated and, basically, does not work. I would appreciate a hack or something because apparently, updating now seems out of grasp. Please help* :)

*And yes, yes, I have used that line before but can you really blame me?

June 23, 2011


catherine @ 9:27 pm

photo of my car in my parking spot

I have every intention of mastering parking. I mean, I learned parking during my driving lessons (approximately 20 hours of practical driving lessons, most of which I had late last summer and a few hours of refresher courses this last May, in the few weeks preceding the driving exam).

I am better at parking while backing up in a parking lot, and especially if there are cars parked on both sides. I am OK at parking forward in a parking lot, regardless of whether there are cars parked nearby. I get parallel parking about 50% of the time. All of which takes me FOREVER. Which may or may not say a lot about me ;)

But like I said, I have every intention of mastering parking. I will become the Master of Parallel Parking.

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